Sunday, August 24, 2014

Author Take-Over Week - Extreme Close-Up

Author Take-Over


He’s hot, young, and way off-limits... But he might be just what she needs to get over the past and on with her life.

Lisa Taylor’s life stalled after her divorce three years ago, and she never got it started up again. Now her shit-paying catalogue photography job is boring her to death, she can’t bear to look in the mirror, and she hasn’t had a man since her asshole ex left.

When a gorgeous younger man reappears in her life, he promises to be the solution to all those problems. Tempting as he is -- and god almighty, he is! -- taking what he offers could destroy what little she has left.

Jess's Review 

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

In this hot little ditty we meet; Lisa, a forty-something divorcee, who is struggling to make her career work and lives inside a little emotional bubble and Braden, the twenty-something hottie who is trying to figure out what to do with his life. Lisa and Brady have known each other for a long time and they reconnect one summer while he is taking care of her lawn.

This was a one sitting book for me. It flowed quickly, the story was engaging and I liked the characters. It was very much about Lisa finding herself. She was overly self-conscious of how she looked and about her age. She had tough go of it in the relationship department and was never made to feel like she was beautiful. She was also struggling with an un-thoughtful ex and bills that needed paid. With Braden help, much of her life gets turned around.

Braden had been in love with Lisa for half of his life and he was really the one to pull her out of her shell. While the sex seemed pretty awesome, what he did for her was more so, just the same as what she did for him. He was known for his pretty face and athleticism but underneath he actually had a brain. Lisa helped push him into the right direction for his life and not be afraid to go after what he wanted.

While I originally thought the age difference was going to be awkward for me, the way it developed really wasn't because there was a connection with the characters outside of the bedroom, or truck, or the whole house for that matter. I was also pleasantly surprised by the ending. I really wasn't sure how I wanted the story to end and I really was hoping that the author would find a good way to end it and she did. I liked where she took the characters and did what seemed right for them.


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