Monday, September 22, 2014

New Release Phoenix Rising

Author: CJ Bishop
Release Date: September 19, 2014

BOOK ONE: “The Phoenix Rising”

“Is it peace…or the calm before the storm?”

From an outsider’s perspective, the Phoenix Club might be just another high-end gay strip club, catering to the taboo desires and fetishes of wealthy men who wish to remain discreet about their preferences. But the Phoenix is so much more than a “workplace” to the owner, Maxwell Raines, and the young men who dance there. Max’s bond with his boys reaches far beyond that of employer and employee. For many of the boys, the club has become the only home they’ve ever known, and Max the only “father” figure to step up and lay claim to them, taking them in, caring for them, protecting them.

The Phoenix boys have been through the worst of the worst, but amidst the nightmares both past and present, their love, devotion and faith in one another has risen above the pain and anguish that once crushed them and threatened to break their family apart. Hearts have been healed, lives saved, trust renewed. Now the worst is behind them and for the first time, they begin to relax and enjoy the blessing of their lives. But smaller issues linger over from past events and, if not dealt with, could threaten the newfound peace and contentment.


With the truth brought to light, Max and Horatio bask in their love for one another and make plans to meet with Darius Lindstrom in hopes of learning who Max’s real father was. Cole and Gabe wait anxiously for their test results, trusting all will be well and their love life can return to normal.

In Clint’s custody, Axel remains frightened of the man but is quickly discovering a side of himself he wasn’t previously aware of as Clint introduces him to new passions and desires that leave him both troubled and excited. Having let go of Max and Horatio, Carl and Seth find new loves in unexpected places and allow themselves to explore fresh possibilities. Among their happiness, though, lesser issues continue fester among the Phoenix boys that begin to slowly surface as the greater threats are now laid to rest.


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