Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jess's Review of Affliction

Affliction (Knights Rebels MC, #2)

Affliction by River Savage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was privileged to receive an ARC of this book and I am thankful every day because it will always hold a special place in my heart.

This is Sy and Holly’s story.

In Incandescent you get a small taste of where this book starts, but you are in no way prepared for where this book is going to go. I had the full range of emotions reading this story, my heart broke, I laughed, I was intrigued, I fell in love and let’s not forget the extreme hotness that was mixed in between it all.

Sy aka Sunshine as Holly so aptly names him is not at all what I expected. Fully tattooed, stand-offish and completely rough around the edges. But underneath that hard exterior is a fiercely loyal, complex, amazing lover. His backstory broke me but explains why he is a man of little words and doesn't let anyone in. He is not looking for anything complicated in his life but there is something about Holly that calls to him.

“I will sit in the darkness waiting, waiting for her to come and guide me back out. And while I wait, hoping the light comes soon, I will thank God I’m not afraid of the dark.” Sy

Holly is a force to be reckoned with. She is full of life and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She knows that she is getting under Sy’s skin and makes the most of it. This is all until she is thrown into her own tragedy. The experience changes her and she hides away from everyone while she attempts to deal with her loss. There becomes a point where Sy just can’t handle the shell of a women she has become.

“I’m not sure if whatever it is that is happen will last, but in this moment right now, I’m happy. I’m going to take that happiness and try not to lose it.” Holly

Both Sy and Holly have issues that need to be resolved and through their pain they find that that they can move forward better when they are together. There is this sweetness about Sy and a vulnerability about Holly that just works. And when they do come together, it is explosive and heats up the pages.

“The emptiness of my heart is long forgotten as I balance on the edge of what this man can give me. It’s like he awakens something in me. My hands itch in anticipation of feeling his lips on mine, and my body hums each inch he moves closer. “Hurry,” the word slips from my mouth.” Holly

“I’m not going to quit it, Holly. I’m going to slowly bring you apart with my mouth and the fuck you so hard you won’t be walking easily tomorrow.” Sy

Besides the chemistry that this undeniable they have this relationship that just works. Sy is exactly what Holly needs as much as Holly is exactly what Sy needs. But in order to move forward they need to be honest with each other because the words that are not said can tear their fragile relationship apart. Will they choose to be honest or will their fear of the unknown destroy them?

I can’t say enough how much I loved this book. Mrs. Savage really found the perfect words to make me fall in love with both Holly and Sy. Their stories were moving in a way that you feel in your soul. Their loss becomes your loss, their love become your love and their secrets become your secrets.

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