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Diane's Review of Saving Forever - Part 2 by Lexy Timms

Saving Forever - Part 2 (Saving Forever, #2)Saving Forever - Part 2 by Lexy Timms
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Family was not always easy…

This is part two of a four part serial. Charity Thompson is a hospital fundraiser who is juggling work commitments and a new romantic relationship while trying to rebuild a connection with her father. Charity accepted a two-year contract in Atlanta but could not say no to her father when he asked for her help in organizing a hospital function in his honor. Commuting to New York seemed a small price to pay. As the story continues, Charity is happily surprised when her new beau, Dr. Elijah Bennet, joins her in Atlanta during a milestone evening gala. A family emergency calls Elijah home to his native New Zealand and, despite her misgivings, she decides to join him. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and leaving early to return home found Charity wondering if their fledgling relationship would survive. As Christmas approached, Charity found herself sharing a holiday meal with both of the men in her life – would this provide the healing they all needed or would it drive them even further apart?

This continuation of Charity’s story brought more insight into her broken relationship with her Dad as well as seeing things with Elijah move forward. While Elijah was an extremely successful surgeon, and could have his pick of romantic partners, not everything was perfect in his life. His problems with family seemed to mirror Charity’s own and provided much of the backdrop to this installment. With their own relationship now in trouble, I did find it interesting that two highly successful professionals, whose careers were all about problem-solving, immediately fell into silence to (not) deal with their issues. This is another well-written installment with only minor editing issues. The loving is hot while the drama is tension-filled - I am looking forward to seeing where this will go!



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