Friday, August 14, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Adventurous Me by Deanndra Hall

Adventurous Me (Me, You, and Us, #1)Adventurous Me by Deanndra Hall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Never boring…

Trish’s soon-to-be ex-husband may not have appreciated her but she knew his hurtful words were not true. To prove that to herself she was going to reach out and move forward in her life by being more open to new experiences. Little did she know that stumbling into a BDSM club would reveal a world, and options, she didn’t know she craved. Discipline and protocol were things she took to like a duck to water. She had noticed Clint, a fellow club member, before so when she was partnered with him she hoped the attraction was mutual. In her wildest dreams she couldn’t have imagined what followed.

Told with a touch of humour and an interesting writing style, Trish and Clint’s story included more than a typical romance. I loved that they were older and brought life’s experiences with them. Trish especially was not afraid to try new things.

“I’ll probably fall and kill myself, but I’ll wear them until the coroner gets here.”

Though more mature, that didn’t mean they always made the right choices. The character’s actions, while providing the drama that moves the story along, were over the top at times and left me shaking my head. A “simple mistake” caused untold grief and was particularly jarring in a lifestyle where safety is paramount. A bit uneven and perplexing at times, the author kept my attention to the end.

The first in the series, it created the legwork for more stories to come and I’m interested in where the next books will lead.

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