Monday, August 17, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Beyond the Surface by Felice Stevens

Beyond the Surface (The Breakfast Club, #1)Beyond the Surface by Felice Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Love and heat simmer alongside compassion and caring… this book has it all!

I am still coming down from another Felice Stevens book high! This is only the second book I’ve read by this author but both have blown me away by characters and stories that have me teary and smiling all the way through.

“You fucking broke my heart the last time you walked away from me, Nick. Don’t you dare disappear on me again.”

Nick Fletcher survived 9/11 but his career as a firefighter, along with who and what he is, has never been the same. His parents, his sister and a group of close-knit friends make up his family. Their love and support have kept him going. Guilt, and the knowledge he is living half a life in shadows, is something he can’t shake until a past love, his only love, stumbles back into his life. Julian Cornell should have been celebrating an incredible night of his fashion designer career. Instead he wasn’t sure if his business, his reputation, would survive a blind-siding blow.

This second chance romance is one I couldn’t wait to finish so I could start reading it again! Nick and Julian are a wonderful mix of strength and vulnerability that is clearly seen in their actions and love of family and each other. Nick is struggling with his past and his own identity while Julian, though confident in his sexuality, is reeling in his professional life. They are both hurting yet they look past themselves to help others which ends up healing not only themselves but others.
Sweet, emotional, and sexy (these boys are HOT), be prepared to lose your heart to lovers who you won’t soon forget.

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