Thursday, August 27, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Dance with Destiny by Sloan Johnson

Dance with DestinyDance with Destiny by Sloan Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


When past loves interfere….

Tony DeLuca and Dominic Tricoli both need to get to New York City despite the bad weather. Drawn to each other, they each take a chance and begin a journey that is going to take them places that they hadn’t dared to go on their own.

It is the twenty-first century but being gay is still something that some parents don’t wish for their children. In this story there are so many different attitudes about Tony and Dom that give such a clear, and in some cases heart-wrenching, view of what couples still have to deal with. Tony and Dom deal with their sexual orientation differently though at the end of the day neither can say they are happy with their choices. Dealing with their unique situations as best they can it takes the opportunity for a ‘forever’ love to make them re-evaluate their lives. They had to live openly and honestly with themselves, and their families, if there could ever be a chance for them to make it.

There is a lot of angst and drama in the telling of their story as Tony and Dom strive for the open and honest relationship they need from each other. I love how the different families involved are portrayed as, even if you don’t agree with everyone, their feelings and actions seem authentic.

I found the writing style a bit clunky but interesting twists, and a flair for the unexpected, made this an entertaining read.

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