Friday, August 14, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Incredible Us by Deanndra Hall

Incredible Us (Me, You, and Us, #3)Incredible Us by Deanndra Hall
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Love doesn’t recognize numbers…

Dave Adams believes it his turn to find true love. He is a grandfather now but that doesn’t mean he has given up on finding someone to share his life with. He has a wonderful family and circle of friends but he yearns for intimacy and love even if his hair and goatee are pure white. What he didn’t expect was Olivia Warren to almost fall into his lap! A lot of trouble brought her to his doorstep and lingering threats as well as the emotional and physical toll on Olivia will see their relationship plagued with obstacles. Dave is having a hard time with the age difference as well so when an opportunity arises he takes it and Olivia is soon out of his life. Was that the best, the right, decision? Time will tell…

This is the finale to the series and ends with the family patriarch getting his chance at love. While a dominant through and through that doesn’t mean Dave is immune to the softer emotions. His loving nature and caring is never more in evidence than when he takes Olivia under his wing and into his heart. Olivia’s transformation from broken to confident was wonderful to see as, with support, she regains her sense of self. Dave knows she is coming out of the worst time in her life so it is easy to see why he wonders if her feelings may be more gratitude than love. His misgivings, however, take on epic proportions and cause a rift between him and everyone in his life. Given his steady presence throughout the series this one hundred and eighty degree turn, while providing drama to the story, seems very much out of character. While this installment contains the over the top dramatics I’ve come to expect, the author knows how to write a story that kept me reading right to the end.

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