Friday, August 14, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Unforgettable You by Deanndra Hall

Unforgettable You (Me, You, and Us, #2)Unforgettable You by Deanndra Hall
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Is lie by omission still a lie?

Well, Steffen Cochran, unfortunately, was going to find out. He wanted the whole ball of wax – love, commitment, a picket fence, family – but it always seemed just out of his reach. Introduced through friends, he thought Sheila Brewster might just be his one. Sheila is still recovering from a relationship that went horribly wrong so she really wasn’t looking for a “forever after”. Though their timing might be a bit off that didn’t stop them from starting a relationship that quickly grew serious. An unexpected ‘blast from the past’ and secrets revealed, however, set the couple and their friends into a rocky tailspin. Things would never be the same…

This is the second story in the series with Sheila and Steffen this time finding themselves in the romantic spotlight. While secondary characters in the first book, they quickly shine as two lovers who are going to have to communicate and compromise if they were going to have any future together. I like this couple though I wish their choices weren’t so over the top at times. Do I say “bad choices”? Well, that’s only my opinion. They do express their emotions with great openness and honesty even if dramatics that sometimes accompany it jars on the unrealistic side.

A satisfying ending and still more club members and characters to look forward to.

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