Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jess's Review ~ Illusive by Nina Levine

Illusive (Storm MC, #5)

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"As the ghosts of the past circled, and the demons clawed at the soul I did have left, I swallowed back fear and nodded."

Griff, has secrets and a past that he has tried to bury, but the things he has tried so hard to get away from are about to find him once again. These things are not something he wants to revisit or live through again. He has recently bee appointed VP of Storm and these secrets can take everything he has worked for away.

To top off his nagging past, he finds himself bumping into someone who is going to turn his world on its axis. Sophia harbors some pain from her not so stellar past but she is moving on. She just bought a house, found the sister she never knew she had and is comfortably moving on. When she stumbles into Griff's life she is seriously reconsidering her rules.

"I'm burning in the flames of hell because of the sins I want to commit with you."

These two are perfect together; Sophia has the ability to speak her mind (literally speaks everything that is on her mind) and Griff is a man of little words until they are needed. One only does one-night and the other refuses just one-night. Both have issues that keep them from being able to love and together their issues are at times most entertaining.

These characters were easy to love. While Griff is dealing with the continued fall out in the club and the threats are still lurking, he has a whole host of other problems. He deals with this problems head on, even when they can shatter everything. Sophia is dealing with her own past and coming to terms with her own issues. But when these two come home to each other, Griff is a big softy and Sophia is putty in his hands. Despite their differences these two work and manage to make everyday life entertaining.

I am looking forward to seeing where the club issues are heading because they are not resolved and if anything more fall out could be on the horizon.

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