Monday, August 31, 2015

Release Blitz ~ Review ~ Degrade by T.L. Smith

Title: Degrade
Series: Flawed
Author: T.L. Smith
 Release Date: August 31, 2015



One rule, only one rule women need to follow when they're with me.

Don’t ask for more.

This rule is in place for a reason, you won't get more of what’s not there to give.


He is striking, and he's all man. He is also the devil, or so I believe him to be. I gave him my heart, not realizing I was doing so. He likes to break me down, so I'm a shell of the person I once was. He's chipping away at me, bit by bit. Though I’m not as weak as he thinks, and when I can’t handle it anymore, I will come back swinging.

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I’m an idiot, I know this. I just can’t help myself. When it comes to him, I do as he says, do as he pleases. Even if it’s against everything, I believe in. He has a hold on me, which no other person has ever held. I don’t believe he loves me, but I love him. So that has to count for something? Right? My love is big enough. I believe it can hold onto both of us and wrap us up in a vice grip. See, I did tell you, I’m an idiot.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Degrade - dəˈɡrād - to break down, to put down, to make inferior or less valuable, to reduce worth


"I am the most dangerous and richest son-of-a-bitch in America."

He always gets what he wants, no questions asked. He is secretive yet infinitely powerful. He doesn't love, ever. He doesn't have feelings so there is no emotional connection to be had. He is a stone cold man who can have any one he wants and right now he wants Bexley.

"I don't want you to think I'm your happily ever after, Bexley. I'm not. I'm your hell, you just haven't realized it yet."


She knows what she is signing up for. She knows that the longer she stay with him the lower she will feel about herself. But she keeps coming back for more, and more and more until she has nothing left.

"Hoping and praying to the Gods above that we don't shatter each other. But I have a feeling it's inevitable."

When Bexley gets to the point where enough is enough, she does the sensible thing and leaves but is it sensible or was it something more. Then things get perfectly twisted because on the surface nothing is quite as it seems.

I originally I had a hard time with Bexley and her choices, but she comes out with some real surprises. She is not the person I originally thought she was and that made me like her considerably more than before. Then there is Zeke, despite his despicable behavior, I would have gone down his highway to hell too. Their chemistry, regardless of their motives or feelings was intense.

This is a story that will stick with me as I think back and dissect the nuances that I missed the first time through. There are secrets and suspense and all of the things that made me devour this book. I am now left wanting the rest of the story that Ms. Smith started.

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