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Diane's Review ~ Chasing Ever After by Stephanie Hoffman McManus

Chasing Ever After (Ever After, #2)Chasing Ever After by Stephanie Hoffman McManus
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Moving on is not always easy…

Sadie Pierce had given up her family and her privileged life for love and she never regretted it once though she missed her sister Mia fiercely. She knew all about loss and so did Andrew Reid. The military life had taken his dreams away as well though now, as Ace and a bona fide rock star, he was living a new dream and he couldn’t be happier. Well, he could be if Sadie would give him a chance. Both hurting in different ways they would have to overcome their fears before they could even contemplate having a future together.

“I would give it all to him, including my heart and I couldn’t let that happen.”

This is the second book in the Ever After series where each book follows a different couple in the group of rock stars and the women they love. It could be read as stand-alone but timeline-wise best read in order.

It was great to catch up with this boisterous, loving group as they get together to celebrate Jax and Ky’s wedding. Sadie and Ace have been dancing around each for a while now and things are finally coming to head – either they resolve their differences or they resign themselves to being just friends. Sadie is hurting and why is slowly resolved as the two’s courtship plays out with Hawaii as the backdrop.

“…but more than anything, I want your heart. Every. Single. Piece of it.”

The story was well-written and Sadie and Ace truly come to life through their funny, sexy and oh so sweet interactions. I didn’t embrace them quite as much as I did Jax and Ky, with the emotional drama not quite touching my heart in the same way. I loved to see them work through their problems, though, with friends and family both hindering and helping them. Sadie's family, well, "interesting" doesn't even begin to cover it. And while the ending felt a bit flat it in no way took away from the enjoyment of revisiting this interesting, and loving, group of friends. I can’t wait for the next instalment in the series!

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