Thursday, September 10, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Closet Confession by Kindle Alexander

Closet ConfessionCloset Confession by Kindle Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Hot and heavy in a short, light package…

This is a quick, snappy read that could only be made better if it was much, much longer!
Dr. Derek Baineaux, hunky doctor extraordinaire, and new nurse on staff, Justin Delacroix, are dedicated to their professions. Both working the night shift means long, grueling hours spent trying to keep patients alive. That doesn’t mean, though, that life doesn’t get in the way at times and, if we’re lucky, love is part of the equation.

“That shy, quiet, unsure attitude, along with those devilish good looks and hot as hell body endeared Justin to him from almost the first handshake.”

Both Derek and Justin quietly, but quickly, wormed their way into my heart. This author knows how to say so much with the fewest words possible. You feel right away how much these two strong men care about their work, their families and each other. Even in this short story, the author finds a way to keep things fresh, and surprising, while always making sure the heat factor is set to uber-steam! An easy writing style, humourous, natural dialogue and characters I want to jump at the first opportunity have me wishing, as always, that the story never end!

Numquam tea mare desistam – meaning I’ll never stop loving you.”

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