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Diane's Review ~ Deliverance by A.J. Adams

DeliveranceDeliverance by A.J. Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Unlikely allies in life and love…

On the surface, Mac and Pepper should have been running screaming from each other. Instead, an unusual partnership began due to expedience that turned into more than salvation for both of them.

Human sex slavery. It sends chills down my spine and reading details about it here that could be ripped from the headlines brings to home how evil it is. Pepper got caught up in it at an early age so when she comes into Mac’s ‘possession’ years later, the deep damage had been done. Mac is not quite what you would call a ‘white knight’ as he continues to skirt the edges of the law. Mercenary or freedom-fighter, the lines are blurred to the point that Mac may not know on one day to the next where he stands. Those lines become a lot clearer, and straighter, as the two’s partnership begins…

“Mine. Just thinking that gave me a curious feeling. Protective and possessive.”

This story was an incredible combination of romance, recovery, action, adventure and redemption. The first chapters were incredibly dark as they gave details on how Mac and Pepper both came to be in this place in time. What I didn’t expect as the complicated plot played out was the humour and playfulness that would unexpectedly pop up allowing this very dark story to include a sense of hope.

“If the dam fool had one the job right, he’d have just shot us. It was our good luck that he went totally storybook villain.”

Mac is like a dark ‘James Bond’ crossed with a very sarcastic Indiana Jones. There is humanness to him that is evident in the decisions he makes in the most harrowing circumstances. The transformation of Pepper from a beaten down shell to a strong, vibrant woman was an incredible feat of strength and courage. I wanted to cheer and cheer some more!

“My Pepper was reborn, and she wasn’t apologizing. My girl was her own person. The knowledge put a song in my heart.”

Five sparkling stars!

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