Thursday, September 17, 2015

Diane's Review ~ GLITCH by Olivia Linden

GLITCH (Corporate Hitman, #1)GLITCH by Olivia Linden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Badass computer geeks…

This is the first in a trilogy series following a trio of criminal, turned corporate, computer hackers. Throw in some sexy love scenes and you have a romance. Fortunately, it’s not that cut and dried as the hackers are sexy as all get out and they are pissed off!

Liam “Glitch” Gallagher is the first up as his inner monologues fills us in on their current circumstances. He and his fellow felons are out of prison and working for Hawk Global Industries.
Their skills are diverse and together they are performing the assigned ‘tasks’ that their new boss doles out to them. Computer hacking, money “acquisitions” and (perhaps) some bodily harm thrown in here and there are all part of a normal business day. It’s all quite shady and spy-like as we’re given just enough information for things to make sense but we certainly aren’t told everything that is going on. Liam is a hacker but other than the basics, and how good he looks without a shirt, there is a lot more I would like to know about him. Even less is told about his love interest Araceli (“Hex”). Yes, definitely more information required.

Not quite a love story though definitely a nerdy James Bond-like tale with romantic overtones. Okay, the sex is hot! Even if I can’t label it, I realized at the cliffhanger that I was thoroughly invested in this quirky, interesting story. So many questions roiling around that I need to find the next title, quickly!

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