Sunday, September 6, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Hot as Hale by Marie James

Hot as Hale (Hale #3)Hot as Hale by Marie James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sweet, scorching and loving… the feels are all here!

This is the third in the Hale series and, while I’ve loved them all, this is my favourite. Josie and Kaleb’s story has been percolating for a while with tantalizing glances and shy smiles between the two offering a taste of what was to come.

“He’s a great detective and I’m sure if he’s given a long enough opportunity he’ll be able to somehow detect the condition of my panties.”

Josie is painfully shy but with a bit of a push from her loving friends she opens up to Kaleb into a world she is excited to explore. Only with him though – his sexy.. everything, has her totally captivated. When danger comes knocking on her door he is the one she turns to and he is more than happy to provide a safe haven for her.

I loved everything about this book. Josie and Kaleb were this wonderful mix of tentative and scorching as their feelings intertwined to make their sheet sessions even hotter (if that’s possible!). Josie is shy but there is nothing hesitant once she embraces her feelings for Kaleb. And the hottie detective is more than just a pretty face, hunky body, sexy eyes… ahem.

When danger turns deadly, everyone jumps into the fray as one of their own is at risk. An explosive ending to a riveting read. I don’t know if there will be more in this series but I sure hope so. Awesome!

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