Friday, September 18, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Rival Seduction by Alexandrea Weis

Rival SeductionRival Seduction by Alexandrea Weis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Love is worth the effort…

Heather Phillips was tired of coming in second behind Grant Crowley in the show jumping competitions they both enjoyed. Yes, he was rich… and handsome… and talented. That didn’t stop him from being arrogant and totally unappealing.

“My kind?” He closed his eyes. “I know you think me a heartless bastard, Heather, but for the sake of argument, can we try to have a conversation that doesn’t descent into name calling?”
“I make no promises.”

Well, perhaps not entirely unappealing. Thrown together unexpectedly outside of the show ring, Heather begins to see a side of Grant that she thought didn’t exist. Over their mutual love of horses and suddenly-realized attraction to each other, Heather wants to believe a relationship might be possible.

“For the first time, what was on the inside of Grant Crowley was becoming just as appealing as his good looks and tight body.”

This is the second book in the series I’ve read and the stand-alone entry reminded me of how much I enjoyed the first. The love scenes are hot but the story is gentle as Grant and Heather battle their inner demons and family issues in this well-written romance. Heather is independent and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, whether to Grant or his opinionated father. Grant has a lot to be proud of yet there is an inner vulnerability that peaks out once in a while that is almost as appealing as everything else. Together they have to figure out if the attraction they feel is love and worth the effort to let go of old hurts and insecurities.

I love a story that has me laughing and misty in equal measure. Family and love are what it’s all about and this book has both!

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