Thursday, September 17, 2015

Diane's Review ~ SCRATCH by Olivia Linden

SCRATCH (Corporate Hitman, #2)SCRATCH by Olivia Linden
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George “Scratch” Hines was a boring accountant. Well, that’s what the world saw him as. If you read the first in this series you know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, he was a money man, but he definitely wasn’t you’re your average, polyester number cruncher. He was a corporate hitman and, along with his brothers by choice, was doing jobs for their ‘employer’. Shady business that needed to come to an end before the three men were no longer part of the equation.

“Never fight from a position of disadvantage until you know where you are, how many enemies, and what they wanted from you.”

When the FBI started sniffing around, and Agent Monica Tidwell entered his life, he had even more incentive to leave his ghost life behind.

I admit the first story had me intrigued, but this, this story pulled me completely and utterly in. I had a hard time connecting with characters Glitch and Araceli initially. Not because they weren’t worth getting to know but there weren’t enough hooks to let me know who they really were. It was all about the work. That is not happening here with Scratch and Monica, entirely the opposite in fact. Monica’s innermost thoughts, her fears and hopes, are revealed right alongside Scratch. Scratch’s vulnerability was a surprise but a most welcome one. While the story continues, this time out the focus is more on the bonds between the men and the women now in their lives.

“Yeah, well. I do worry. This love s**t seems to be going around like a virus, and you’re ripe to catch it…”

There is still drama and a whole lot of mystery and intrigue as the underlying story that connects them all continues. Human relationships, however, are now taking a front seat to the ‘job’.

“Look at me,” Scratch whispered again. “See me.”

A slower start in book one has led to an incredible second story in this series. Sexy, emotional and drama galore, I can’t wait for more in Jack’s story.

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