Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Diane's Review ~ A Wicked Kiss by M.S. Parker

A Wicked KissA Wicked Kiss by M.S. Parker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


When becoming a widow isn’t the worst thing that’s happened lately…

This is the second in this romantic suspense series and the revelations just keep coming! Shae Lockwood’s husband died in a parachuting accident. Or so she thought. Jasper Whitehall was the best of friends to both her and her late husband. Or was he?

Shae is being bombarded with one devastating truth after another as she still mourns the loss of her husband. If it isn’t her late husband’s family, or the local police, or ghosts from the past, she doesn’t seem to be able to recover from one blow before another follows. Despite her changing relationship with Jasper, who is supportive and loving when she needs it the most, Shae is struggling to deal with everything she has learned since she lost Allen.

Just like the first instalment, Shae is not given a moment’s reprieve before she has to deal with another threat to the life she is trying to rebuild. The tension continues to grow as just when you think one situation has been sorted out another moves in to takes its place. Ending in another doozy of a cliff-hanger, there will be one more instalment before all is revealed. I can’t wait!

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