Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Diane's Reveiw ~ Never Say NeverNever Say Never by Emily Goodwin

Never Say NeverNever Say Never by Emily Goodwin
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Haunted by their pasts, love brings healing…

On the surface, Aiden and Hayley couldn’t be more different. A small town girl with a love for the peace and serenity that her horses and the quiet life in Montana give her. A famous actor with thousands of fans, money in the bank and a career that is the envy of many. When this seeming unlikely pair come together it starts an unexpected road to healing… for both of them.

The demons are very real.

“They keep the darkness away.”

This story quietly just nestled into a corner of my heart, parked it, and never left. The old adage “still waters run deep” comes to mind when I think how to describe these two suffering souls. They each have pasts they deal with in very different ways though on the surface things seem ‘okay’. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hayley has kept her personal pain to herself for the most part though sometimes it is hard to hide. Her money problems, for one, are quite clear to see. Aiden hides his own despair in many ways including losing himself in his latest acting role – anything to not be himself.

“It’s beautiful and it’s tragic, and in that moment, I’ve never felt anything more real.”

Perhaps they recognize each other’s suffering but the two come together in friendship and love and ultimately forgiveness and trust. Their journey was a great story I hated to see end.

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