Thursday, October 22, 2015

Diane's Review ~ All I Need Is You (Loving You, #2)All I Need Is You by Wendy S. Marcus

All I Need Is You (Loving You, #2)All I Need Is You by Wendy S. Marcus
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An escape that became so much more…

“More like I’ve exceeded my limit of male bullshit for the year. So I’m taking a break from dating…”

Neve James and Rory McRoy started off as pen-pals but quickly became so much more. In entirely separate corners of the world, in geography and circumstances, they were both looking for something more in their life. From the opening letter filled with humour and fun, their relationship developed over months of increasingly intimate emails. When the two meet face to face the heat between them is everything she hoped for but that feeling doesn’t last long when faced with the unexpected. What follows is a dance of love as old as time but mixing it up with modern day problems. Will their relationship survive it?

I really enjoyed this standalone story as Neve and Rory were not your typical hero or heroine. The letters and emails between the two are beyond funny and quickly turn more intimate as they slowly open up to each other and start to become friends. Friends with sexy letter benefits! Neve is a pistol as she works towards her very clear goals in a no-nonsense approach that includes a hair-trigger temper and a kindness that balances it all out. Rory, on the other hand, is an alpha male with a vulnerable side that makes me ache to give him a hug. Maybe it’s the unorthodox way they met or just the fact that they don’t know each for all that long but the uncertainty on both sides makes for an up and down relationship that, while dizzying at times, is definitely entertaining.

“It’ll take a strong, very confident and trusting man to hand her and all the attention she attracts. Are you that man, Rory?”

Things come to a head in an almost over-the-top climax but thankfully with a bit of work the two manage to figure things out. Now I need to catch up on this series, I wonder if more are set in Bawston?

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