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Release Blitz ~ Review ~ Envy by Kandie Stixx

Kandie Stixx
Oct 31st

Finley Sheridan.

He is everything I've ever wanted in a man, not to mention he's a sex god. Icouldn't imagine anyone better to fill my bed at night. There's only oneproblem - I'm married to someone else.

When I started cheating on my husband with Fin, I never thought it would turnout this way. I never thought I would ruin everything and spend the rest of mylife regretting ever laying eyes on him...
Ooooh but I couldn't let him be with someone else. I couldn't let my sex godget away...that's why I did it.

That's why I did the unthinkable...


4 stars
Envy is the dark novella of Victoria Stapley. Victoria is married to her high school sweetheart Caleb. Life is good till it isn't. After a few years the couple move to Dublin, Victoria is introduced to Fin Sheridan. Fin is a businessman/artist that doesn't care if Victoria is married, he goes out of his way to seduce her.
This is one roller coaster of a dark ride. Victoria doesn't apologize for loving two men nor does she try to hide her obsession with Fin. Fin wasn't a normal hero you find in a romance. In fact, thank goodness this is a dark romance because he was a selfish a$$hole. The one relationship that did surprise me is with her mother in law Shar. Shar was such a witch to Victoria from the very beginning but ends up helping her throughout and eventually is the one person who doesn't abandon Victoria.
The ending was very surprising to me. I thought the author ended it perfectly. But when I read the very last sentence I thought Victoria shouldn't have had an affair, she should have ran to the nearest shrink. But all in all I thought it was a good story.


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Kendra is a perfectionist. Herjob is her life and she prefers it that way. After her ex-boyfriend left herfor someone prettier and thinner, she decided she would never let someone ruleher heart again. That is…until she meets her new boss Chad.
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Kandie Stixx is the author ofcontemporary erotic romance. Her first book, Kendra, is out on 6 June.
Kandie Stixx is not her realname, obviously. It is a culmination of her nickname and her partner’snickname. A true partnership!
When she’s not writing, she isusually blogging or reading as much as she can before the next book takes formin her mind.



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