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Diane's Review ~ Joseph by Kris Michaels

Joseph (The Kings of Guardian Book 2)Joseph by Kris Michaels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


The assassin and the doctor are a sexy, combustible pair...

Emotional, full of action, drama and tension, this story was everything I’d hoped it would be.

Ember Harris is embarking on a new life adventure but not the one she planned for. Walking away from her high-stress job as an emergency room doctor, she planned to take a step back and smell the roses before figuring out what’s next. What she didn’t expect was to reconnect with the one man in her entire life who gave her a sense of safety and belonging. Or to do it as she feared for her life…

Joseph King knew what he did was violent and abhorrent but necessary in this chaotic world. He also couldn’t help but remember Ember – he never forgot his high school sweetheart. He knew he couldn’t have a wife – a family – with his profession. He didn’t feel he deserved one. When she called though he moved heaven and earth to be there for her…

This is the second in the series but the first for me. All I can say is, hold onto your hats as the ride is fast and very bumpy. And emotional. And a beautiful romance despite the chaos surrounding them both. Joseph is protective and alpha all the way. He didn’t think he could save the world and take something, someone, for himself. He was going to be proved wrong.

“The one time in her life she felt safe, wanted and loved was when she dated Joseph.”

Ember has a core of steel that allows her to save lives and do what needs to done, despite the circumstances. Underneath those matter of fact exteriors, however, are hearts that simply recognize their soulmates.

“You better love her while you can. My mom once told me life isn’t about the millions of breaths you take. It’s about the individual moments that take your breath away.”

I loved this story and the people in it. Joseph was… well… I just want to wrap him up and take him home. Joseph is one brother in a family of protectors and I can’t wait to learn more about each of them!

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