Saturday, November 21, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Loving Lucas by Violetta Rand

Loving Lucas (Lies & Leather, #1)Loving Lucas by Violetta Rand
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


My first read by this author and won’t be my last…

Karlie Augustine was very young and she seemed to go from one precarious situation to the next. Escaping an abusive situation in part with Lucas Lafontaine’s help, Karlie needs a safe place to make a new start. Lucas is happy to offer a helping hand that will help him sort out his own personal problems. They are both trying to “fix” their lives and looking to the other for support to do that. Is that the best time to be starting a romance? Time will tell…

Things happen very fast in this “starting over” romance as the intimacy between Karlie and Lucas escalates quickly. Very quickly. Going from an abusive relationship to a new love seemed a bit too quick though the story did seem quite plausible given Karlie’s background and her matter-of-fact way of dealing with life as it came. Lucas was protective and he had the strong cop persona down pat.

More time and more character development would have been welcome but a solid start to the series.

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