Monday, November 23, 2015

Diane's Review ~ The Marine in Unit A by Kris Cook

The Marine in Unit A (Mockingbird Place, #1)The Marine in Unit A by Kris Cook
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love and laughter...

Oliver lives at the apartment complex Mockingbird Place but, more importantly, he is part of the larger family all the residents have become. It is their home and they each look after one another. As they all gather to say goodbye to a beloved member of their family, Mockingbird is gaining a new resident. Adam is a Marine (even if you aren’t active, you’re always a Marine!) who is starting over. Oliver feels the sparks between them even though Adam says he is not gay. Both are dealing with loss, though of different kinds, and their friendship soon turns into more as they find more and more about each other to love…
As I was reading this story for some reason I kept thinking of Tales of the City from years ago. It has a laid back feeling of acceptance and openness amidst the usual life experiences and challenges. I enjoyed this romantic story of how Oliver and Adam deal with, and resolve, the issues facing their relationship as well as problems they are struggling with alone. Even though no one is really alone at Mockingbird as the various residents are there to support, cajole, make merry and kick butt when needed. While the story is centered on Oliver and Adam the supporting cast really contributes to what makes this story work so well. Ironically, the one who brought them all together is no longer with them yet I felt like I got to know him as well (and miss him, funnily enough). S & M are this wonderful blend of nurturing and hilarity that make me want to adopt them for myself.
Not everything is hearts and flowers as, even in this time of enlightenment, not everyone got the memo. Oliver and Adam are up for it though and resolving the differences between themselves allows them, together, to make a difference in other’s lives as well. A well-written story that may not have hit the emotional notes I crave but still a solid start to a series firmly on my TBR list.

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