Friday, November 6, 2015

Diane's Review ~ To Hale and Back by Marie James

To Hale and BackTo Hale and Back by Marie James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I am so sad to see this series end…

I was looking forward to this book as much as I was dreading it. I’ve loved this series from the start and honestly didn’t want to see it end. Previous books each centered on one couple in a group of brothers and friends that came together in a wonderful mix of friendship, love, drama and hot romance….

And yes, I said HOT! Scorching, panty-melting, no holds barred, exuberant heat! The sex and emotions were high throughout as each couple brought their own unique strengths and quirks to the mix. There were some serious bumps in the roads along the way and this outing is no exception. This time out all the couples are the story as they each deal, in their own way, with weddings, babies and unexpected adversity. There are six voices in all and that combination makes for a story full of emotion –that had me from the first page.

The couples have had to deal with a lot but never more so than in these pages. When one member is targeted, the trust that they’ve built will be pushed to the breaking point. Watching the good and bad choices being made, it just reinforces how real and human these men and women really are. Soapy, sweet and uber sexy, this series was like the best chocolate – each piece sweeter than the last! Their laughter and tears, and their uninhibited love, have reserved a permanent corner on my re-read shelf.

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