Saturday, December 5, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Beautiful Storm by Megan Isaacs

Beautiful StormBeautiful Storm by Megan Isaacs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Love and life in all its messy goodness…

Lizzie Ryder and Noah Hamilton knew they had to be together from the minute they met. The physical attraction was instant when Lizzie interviewed Noah for a magazine article. Neither expected the sparks to fly so high or so hot but quickly agreed it was going to be just an affair. Lizzie had secrets and though she was pretty forthcoming they still managed to put a wedge between them. Best laid plans and all that…

I can’t believe this is a debut novel with the emotional depths reached in this story. There were sexy bits, almost over the top drama bits and through it all love, heat and a story that came together in all its messy deliciousness. The writing style was top notch and the characters were beyond likable. Noah is lusciousness from head to toe with tattoo goodness and a… personality… that just begged to be cuddled. Lizzie loved hard and, even if some of the choices she made were questionable, I never doubted a minute her devotion to those she cared about.

There were twists and bends that gave a refreshing approach to this sexy romance. Secondary characters have their voice too and pop in and out to provide refreshing humour and “I got your back” support at the just the right times.

I admit a few things in the storyline had me scratching my head, and don’t believe all were totally explained away, but it was such a strong, enjoyable story that, honestly, I can’t care about it all that much. I read a new love story, a second chance story and a beautiful family story all rolled into one beautiful go. I can’t wait for more from this author!

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