Thursday, December 3, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Chas's Fervor by Chiah Wilder

Chas's Fervor (Insurgents MC, #3)Chas's Fervor by Chiah Wilder
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An adorable little boy brings them together…

Chas is a member of the Insurgents Motorcycle Club and he lives up to the patch he wears so proudly. He works hard, plays harder and he loves his family, his little boy, and the brothers who make up his second family. He had no need for anything, or anyone, more until Addie entered his life… Addie was living the quiet life she chose for herself. Content working at the library, she loved her job especially the reading club. When she met Jack’s father for the first time she knew he could shatter her hard won life…

This is the third instalment to the series and Chas is the club member who sees his well-organized life turned upside down this time. His feelings for Addie have him dating – dating! – for the first time ever. Even though he had been married before this was the first time his heart was really a part of a romantic relationship. And he had some convincing to do as Addie was attracted to him but also reluctant to take a chance on upsetting her well-crafted world. Love, however, had plans for these two…

A different story but with many of the same elements I have loved, and not liked, about this series. Don’t get me started on how these bikers treat women and their approach to sex and relationships. The writing style continues to be top notch and I could really get into, and feel, what was between Addie and Chas. And Jack in the middle - so sweet! Twists and surprises abounded as usual and my score card was full trying to keep track of the drama flying about but, as usual, highly entertaining!

I hope there are more of these club brothers… they are starting to grow on me, smack talk and all.

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