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Diane's Review ~ Code of Honor by J.R. Bryce

Code of HonorCode of Honor by J.R. Bryce
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Strong, smart and capable - and that's not just the hero!

“He remembered every face, every person he’d killed, every person he’d failed to keep alive until the medic got there.”

Which meant when faced with hiring security, Mark Williams didn’t want any part of it. He was not going to have anyone hurt or killed protecting him. Hiring Julie Jameson seemed the best option – she looked nothing like a bodyguard plus their arrangement meant she was out of the line of fire. Of course, things don’t always go as planned and when s**t gets real, they each see the other for who they really are…

“Her spitfire attitude and headstrong willpower had completely won him over.”

Julie was beautiful but Mark soon realized she was much, much more than a pretty face.

“That’s one scary woman. Where’d you find someone like her, anyway?” …
“She just walked into my hotel room one day.” …
“I’m never staying at a hotel again in my life.”

Julie was beautiful, for sure, but she also was a woman who could take care of herself and those around her in any situation. I loved how capable and strong she was as she won Mark over with her no-nonsense approach to each increasingly harrowing situation. She took each setback or challenge in stride and met them head on with purpose and smarts that either impressed you or pi**ed you off, depending on who’s side you were on.

At the same time, Mark was also one of the few to see her vulnerabilities. And she had them, in spades, if anyone cared to look for them. While Julie was determined to keep him safe he vowed to do the same for her. That included trying to shield her from those who were determined to kill them both as well as acting as a buffer between her and her loving, but forceful, family. They have lots of opportunity to see the many sides to each other as they fight arm and arm while struggling to keep one step ahead of the bad guys.

A plot birdwalk or two had me puzzled, not sure how they really fit with the characters, but the writing was excellent and the story twisty and full of emotion and action. Julie’s brothers have me beyond intrigued – infuriating but sexy and protective - yah, what’s not to like? Yes, let’s start with Josh!

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