Monday, December 21, 2015

Diane's Review ~ Unshakable by Gigi Aceves

Unshakable (Able, #4)Unshakable by Gigi Aceves
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


An emotional end to a great series….

Damien Williams loves his job in the Secret Service and would never do anything to jeopardize it. He is doing something he believes is real and important and nothing can get in the way. Even if that something is the beautiful Sophia Andrews. Sophia is the first daughter and tries hard to understand the position and role she must play. When her heart gets involved, and is at odds with the status quo, things are going to get messy….

I loved both of the main characters as they struggle through impossible situations while being open and honest with each other about their feelings. This is not always easy as they adult their way through it all while still being very human in their reactions.

“We’ve been honest with each other and this is me being honest with you. I can’t do this. I refuse to be part of this labyrinth like reasoning of why we couldn’t be and what I can’t do. I’m tired. It’s either you let me go or let me in.”

There is action and suspense, and more than a little emotional turmoil, as the political world intrudes into Sophia and Damien’s personal relationship. When tragedy strikes at the heart of their family, the stakes get even higher.

Sophia is not a diva, far from it, but she is a woman in love who is hurting. Damien knows the rules but still can’t help himself when it comes to his ‘Wildflower’. Love versus duty and the tug of war between the two, on both sides, is far from painless. With the author pulling me in, and along, to feel each blow to the heart, every twist and turn in their journey, well… Let’s just say the tissue box is substantially lighter than it was going in.

I will be rereading this series as I want to feel all those heart-stirring emotions again. I hope there will be many more books by this author. I’ll be patiently waiting right over here. Well, sort of patiently.

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