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JC's Review ~ Promise Me Forever by Paige Weaver

Promise Me Forever (Pomise Me, #4)

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Wow...finishing this book, I was left utterly speechless.
I've been a huge fan of Paige Weaver's writing since first discovering her with Promise Me Darkness.
Paige Weaver has the astounding writing ability to bring not only the characters to life, but her words engulf the readers, pulling you into this crazy war driven world she's created. All of her books, have left me reeling, but this one was by far the best of the entire series. I loved every moment of it, from beginning to end. There was never a dull moment.

Promise Me Forever picks up immediately where the cliffhanger of Promise Me Once left off. (So if you haven't read the first three of the series, you will be somewhat confused!)
From the first page, I felt the intensity of the setting and that never went away. I felt like I was on pins and needles for the entire book, constantly petrified Cash and Cat wouldn't have the outcome I hoped for. This book literally had me on the edge of my seat the entire way through.

America is at war and pretty much is thrust back to the 'stone-age'. No electricity. No cell phones. An overthrown government. Rebel militias. Danger everywhere. The circumstances are so realistic, so possible, at some points terrifying truthful. IFollow Cash and Cat as they are finally reunited and they struggle with their harsh reality as they try to get back home to safety together.

Cash Marshall was a mysterious side character in the first two books of this series, I was given just enough enticing details to want more of him. In Promise Me Once, we finally got the start of his journey of finding the Beauty Queen he couldn't get out of his head. He's mysterious. He's broody. He's alpha. He's dark, and he's sexy as can be. That cowboy hat and his jaw tick---Sigh. I loved everything about him. I love that he was able to pull the softer side out in Cat. And his protectiveness over her safety bumped him up to one of my top book boyfriends ever.

I will admit that I wasn't a huge fan of Catarina 'Cat' Phillips in Promise Me Once, she was spoiled, she was rude and she acted like she was better than everyone else. However, she made up for it in this book, Cat FINALLY realizes that her social standing before the war, mean nothing, and all the material things and money she had, and the destructive lifestyle she was living, wasn't what she wanted. Cash forced her to see that. Her character matures a lot throughout this book, and in the end, I adored her. She's one tough chic and held her own in some very tough situations.

Finishing this book did nothing to curb my excitement from it. This is one of the very rare books that I immediately wanted to start back at page one as soon as I read the final line in it.

It will give you every emotion you can imagine. It will leave you reeling. It will wreck you for other books to come.

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