Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jess's Review ~ Atlas by Alyne Roberts

AtlasAtlas by Alyne Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I love my stories dark and gritty and that is exactly what was delivered. A fast paced tale with mobsters and death in the air.

Stella was leaving, there was nothing left for her in Chicago. Her family was all gone and she held the secrets to what happened tight within her. After months of waiting for them to come and get her, she decided it was time to get out. Until he came for her.

"Don't fuck this up, Little Star, or I will slit your throat."

Atlas, prince to a mobster empire, wanted answers and there is only one person who had them. She was better alive, at the moment, but her demise hung over them. A stone-cold, calculated killer, he was fulfilling his promises and waging a war. He had a plan, a back-up plan and another plan just in case. What he didn't plan on was Stella.

"Atlas kissed like he lived. He was powerful and forceful, taking whatever he wanted."

This book kept me captivated from beginning to end. Everyone had an end-game and you are held prisoner until you find out what that is. You are moved quickly through the story and methodically the pieces all seem to come together. The war brews until the breaking point, where loyalties are tested with blood and death.

"We clashed together like a train wreck."

Stella is a fierce character, fighting for her family and fighting to stay alive. Atlas is the controlling factor, set to lead his army and fulfill his promises. They have undeniable chemistry, even when they shouldn't and Stella's death is inevitable. I really liked this story and there is perhaps room for other characters to get a story of their own.

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