Friday, December 4, 2015

Jess's Review ~ Denouement by Cassia Brightmore

Denouement (Darkness #3)Denouement by Cassia Brightmore
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DAYS, it has taken me days to find my words and I promise they are still not the best and will probably be a jumbled mess.

Cassia Brightmore has one messed up mind, she went places that I never thought of and to make everything fit together she has to be an evil mastermind. This is the third book in the Darkness Series and if you haven't read the others, stop, turn around and go back to the beginning.

Aubrey is the town's cute little librarian; nerdy. sweet and about become a pawn in the deadly threat that has come to town. Weston is the town's sexy but reclusive firefighter and he is going to try to save her. This threat brings these two together and the chemistry is pretty undeniable but this evil that plagues the town is ruthless.

In a intricately woven tale, the past and present weave themselves together in this final installment. To find out who is behind the deadly fires the good Sheriff enlists help in the most unlikely of places. We see all the players of Darkness past and they all play a part, some shocking and some expected. I should have known by now to expect the unexpected. I was ready (and a little bit scared)but still I never saw some of it coming.

And then...
we get to the end.

And DAYS later I still have no words to adequately describe my feelings. I needed to join a support group. I needed a hug. I needed a stiff drink. And now I need more.

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