Friday, December 4, 2015

Jess's Review ~ Final Debt by Pepper Winters

Final Debt (Indebted, #6)Final Debt by Pepper Winters
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"I closed my eyes. I said goodbye...I waited to die."

This was an epic conclusion to the Indebted series. This story has had me by the throat since I finished book one many months ago. With each book more secrets are revealed and more facets to this story are uncovered, so why should the final book be any different. In this book we get more insight into the workings and history of the Hawks and their legacy is completely unfolded through the pages. A truly twisted tale filled with brutality and vendettas. It was fascinating and held me captive with every detail learned.

The Final Debt is drawing nearer and it is a matter of time before the end is upon Nila. She has grown tremendously over the past six books. She is ready to fight for her life and her love. She did things in this book that I have been waiting many, many pages for her to do. She is fierce, even though she is broken down. She is loyal, even when it brings pain and suffering. She holds out hope, even when it is stripped away.

Then there is the star-crossed lover, the dark prince, Jethro. He will stop at nothing to save Nila but life, especially their life, does not always go as planned. He has to rise out of hell and that still isn't enough. Just like Nila has evolved, so has Jethro. He embraces his condition instead of fighting it but in doing that he may just lose himself. He sees what purity is and wants more of it. But to get it, he must do some pretty crazy things.

Always a race against time. A story of generations lost, of debts paid and of a love that transcends the pages; this series will forever be one that stays with me. There have been characters lost and found that others will be compared to. A story so rich and deep that I doubt we even found the bottom of it. And a hope for new tales to come from the few pieces that were left hanging.

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