Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jess's Review ~ Odin by Michelle McLoughney

Odin (The Gods of Wrath Security Agency #1)Odin by Michelle McLoughney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good start to a series that I will definitely keep up with.

Odin Byrne is a former Navy SEAL. He brought all but one of team home to begin his next life as a head of Gods of Wrath Security. But two years later and he still can't seem to move on. He harbors guilty and unresolved feelings about losing his friend and partner. On the anniversary of his death he decides to get away, just for a night. Odin then finds himself a hot-red head who is just what the doctor ordered.

Jasmine McCarthy, Irish native, is getting her new beginning. Moving to Boston after her three years in prison is giving her exactly what she needs. The only thing she is missing is a man. Not that she really wants one, but one for the night would suffice and when timing couldn't be more perfect she meets the hot and sexy O.

They plan on it just being one wild night...

"I make the rules here, J. I give the requests, you listen and you do everything I tell you. Then, I give you the best fuck you've ever had. Say yes or no, the choice is yours."

When the sun comes up, things take a turn that neither expect and they are about to get more acquainted with each other in ways never anticipated. A new client is acquired by GOW, secrets are kept, assumptions are made, and emotions are all over the place. While on this up and down and a bit sideways journey with Odin and Jasmine, we get well acquainted with the people work for GOW and the business that it has become. Everyone has a lot of character and personality and sometimes they were all a bit overwhelming. There was a solid foundation laid for later books and enough to keep you interested in what is going to happen next for them. Odin was super sexy but he has the ability to be all over the place. Jasmine just made me laugh and was a strong leading lady. And the chemistry between these two was strong, even when they tried to deny it.

"Whatever this is. I like it and hate it in equal measure."

Overall I really enjoyed this book and look forward to whoever comes next.

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