Sunday, January 17, 2016

Diane's Review ~ Everything She Wanted by Jennifer Ryan

Everything She Wanted (The Hunted, #5)Everything She Wanted by Jennifer Ryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ben is the whole package… yummm…

Ben Knight and Kate Morrison had met before, both professionally and personally. There was something between them but neither had pursued it further until now. It was different this time. Circumstances had thrown them together and the spark that was between them was going to have time to burn. Hopefully….

This is the first story in the series I’ve read but it worked as a standalone as well. Well, other than sending me off to catch up on all the previous stories - STAT! I fell head over heels for Ben from the start. He is sexy and funny, with a job where he is determined to help others. And he’s a natural with kids. Yes, he’s mine, ladies. Spoken for, done deal! Kate was equally likable with her strength and compassion and need to make things right. She had no illusions about the bad things, and people, in the world but she knew how to face them head on. And she had no qualms about helping others face their responsibilities or their fears. Tough when she needed to be – in your face, no holds barred tough – she alternated between offering compassion and butt-kicking when needed. I definitely want her in my corner when things get rough!

The chemistry between Kate and Ben seemed to build quietly but they found themselves in a situation, and proximity, that allowed their already established attraction to move forward quickly.

“What really drew him to her? Everything.”

The leap from like to love totally worked as the two dodged danger around each corner. I would have stopped to shed a tear here and there but there was always something else catching my attention. Suspenseful and emotional, I loved this well-written, “read in one go” romance!

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