Sunday, January 17, 2016

Diane's Review ~ Inked on Paper by Nicole Edwards

Inked on PaperInked on Paper by Nicole Edwards
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


A sweet, sexy nod to romance, love and inspiration…

I am definitely on #TeamNic and when I have an opportunity to read her latest work I run, not walk, to my kindle to find out what surprises this author has in store. And there are always surprises as this one, again, did not disappoint! I knew that it would be well-written, that the characters would be unique and intriguing. The sex would be hot and the romance even more so. What had me curious was how truly different this story seemed from everything I have read by this author. Deliciously different…

Jacob Wild is a popular romance author who knows how to set up a scene. Whether it is budding love or sinful sexual tension, he puts himself into his character’s heads to find out what makes them tick…

“According to one reviewer, Jacob Wild definitely knew how to make a woman weep. From her vagina.”

Presley Abrams was also no stranger to creativity. An established tattoo artist, she knew all about the need for inspiration when she tackles a new project, whether it’s a personal drawing or her next client’s request for body art. For their own reasons, though, they were stuck. They needed a kick in their inspiration but each had a dry spell that had no end in sight. They had looming deadlines but nothing to show for it. Until now…

Jake was this self-deprecating, handsome man who seemed bewildered by the fame he was (sort of) enjoying. I loved Presley’s wry humour and a beautiful, edgy persona that hid the shy soul of an artist. The build-up was slow, sweet and funny between them with the story unfolding from their alternating points of view. Was it simply physical attraction? Sexual chemistry that fueled their muses or was it something more? Finding that out was a delightful romp into an author’s perspective of love, inspiration and life!

Favorite random quote:
“The moment I knew, no matter how much I wanted it, wouldn’t last forever. Because nothing this perfect ever could.”

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