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Diane's Review ~ My Stepbrother: The Ultimate Collection by Cindy Wilder

My Stepbrother: The Ultimate CollectionMy Stepbrother: The Ultimate Collection by Cindy Wilder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Stepbrothers are the theme but it’s really all about love…

This is a box set of serials with stepbrothers – and romance - as the main theme. Each complete story has a different spin with characters and plots to make them uniquely individual. There are military men, rich men, internet hotties and an evil (step)mother or two to make things very interesting… I did have my favourites amongst the stories but overall I enjoyed each story that had me laughing and misty in turn.

My Stepbrother the Teacher

What happens when a good girl steps out of her comfort zone for just a minute? Well, in Sarah Jones’ case it leads to the very unexpected… There are so many reasons why Sarah and Alex should not be together but they both can’t seem to care…

Taken by My Bad Boy Stepbrother

Lauren learned to be independent at an early age as she realized her mother was not your typical Mrs. Cleaver mom type. When her Mom gets married she realizes that their new ‘family’ included a classmate she had no interest in getting to know. Thank goodness the feeling was mutual. Sharing her thoughts and feelings with an online buddy gives her the emotional outlet she needs to cope. Until she realizes that things are not always as they seem.

One Step at a Time

Brad and Tara were going to help each other survive their college biology class but little did they know they were soon going to be more…

My Stepbrother the Military Man

Carrie lived with her mother and couldn’t wait to visit her Dad for the summer. Rosie was there – and she was the woman who she really looked up to, the mother she wished she had. What she didn’t expect was Kyle, her handsome and sexy stepbrother.

I loved the humour in this emotion-filled story which had me laughing amidst the turmoil. Carrie and Kyle had a rocky road to navigate and being able to laugh amidst the drama made this a treat from start to finish.

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