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Diane's Review ~ Reckless & Ruined by Bethany-Kris

Reckless & Ruined (The Chicago War, #2)Reckless & Ruined by Bethany-Kris
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When love has no place….

If you haven’t read the first book in this series, stop and go do that! Each installment builds on the last and, believe me, there is a lot going on in this intense series. A LOT! You can’t miss a page or a paragraph because otherwise you will get lost quickly. Like the best, soapiest of operas, the story unfolds with surprising twists around every corner.

This series is all about the Chicago Outfit and the conflict that has erupted between, and amongst, the various crime families that belong to it. It’s all about the ‘family’ yet people are used as pawns when revenge and ambition are in play. I picture a chess board where people are moved and manipulated as part of a grant scheme or goal. Clear for the people in charge but those chess pieces have no idea what’s coming when rules are thrown out window.

“… being the son of Riley Conti meant Adriano had to follow the god**n rules.”

Alessa Trentini and Adriano Conti know all about the rules that govern their actions. Every step is watched, measured and judged. Each family member has a purpose and when you are called to do your duty you do not question it. That is the family way. When Alessa is called to marry the only man on earth she refused to have she can’t help but spend as much time as she can with Adriano. He has protected her since they were children and while they don’t speak of love, the physical attraction and care between them has only grown stronger.

“I’m not looking for a good man.”
“Just yours, huh?”
“Just mine…”

There is a lot of Romeo and Juliet in this series and this story is no exception. There are few reasons for Alessa and Adriano to be together but so many why they can’t. Families are at war behind the façade of business as usual and loyalties and allegiances are questioned at every turn. Despite that, Alessa and Adriano have to fight for what they have, one of the few things they each can rely on and know to be true. It’s a dangerous game they play and the knots in my stomach prove how tense their situation is… Another taut, intense installment where each page brings something new to the game. Stellar!

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