Tuesday, January 5, 2016

JC's Review ~ For the Love of Dixie by Shyla Colt

For the Love of Dixie (Kings of Chaos Book, #3)For the Love of Dixie by Shyla Colt
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This was my first book by Shyla Colt, and first things first. I have to say, she knows how to write about a controversial topic! It didn't take long to get to the racism issue, and it is handled very, very well.

Dixie Rose is the daughter of a member of the Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club, she's also biracial. She's grown up in the club her whole life and ridiculed and shunned due to her race. The story starts out with her being away, which is where she's been for years, avoiding the club life and her former boyfriend and club member, Echo. When her father has a health scare, she quickly returns home to care for him, and inevitably is forced to deal with not only Echo, but his father--the main member who harps on Dixie's race.

Dixie is grown up now and refuses to take the abuse she received as a child. She's a strong, intelligent and educated female lead. Now Echo, wow! He is dominant, alpha, and hell bent on winning Dixie Rose back and making things right by her with the club.

Shyla Colt does an amazing job of making the readers feel for Dixie and despise Echo's Dad, the entire racial issue was presented and handled amazingly; from the ridicule she endured to the effects it had on her later in life.

While there was some angst and a great build up of drama from the beginning, I was a little let down with how all of it was resolved. To me, there was a huge build up and then a mediocre conclusion to it.

The only other issue I had with this book was the 'Daddy' term. I'm not a fan of it during sex scenes at all, so it did affect my overall view of the book a little bit.

Overall, the writing was very good, the storyline was good, but the mediocre resolution did bother me. However, I did enjoy the book and I look forward to reading more by Shyla Colt.

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