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Jess's Review ~ Alasdair by Ella Frank

Alasdair (Masters Among Monsters, #1)Alasdair by Ella Frank
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


"Thump, thump, thump. It's a beautiful melody. It is from fear, I wonder? Or perhaps something more basic in nature."

Sexy. mysterious and then what an ending...

Alasdair is a vampire; a very old, very sexy vampire. He has been around long time but there is something captivating about Leonidas that has him a mess and not thinking clearly. He slacks on his duties and has others questioning this change. Regarldess, he stalks his prey for a number of weeks and when he is ready to strike, something unlike anything Alasdair has encountered happens.

"Alasdair was every wicked though and fantasy Leo could have imagined."

There is something strange happening to Leo. He is having vivid dreams and then finds himself being held captive by a vampire. A very sexy, very deadly vampire. But all he really wants to do is understand what is going on and get back to his work at the museum...perhaps after he has a taste of Alasdair first.

"Alasdair was a true creature of the night. He made a person want to do things and see things he's never imagined..."

"But somehow, Alasdair knew that, as sure the sun could kill him, so could Leonidas."

Beyond the strangeness of what is happening to Leo, there is a deadly threat coming for the vampires. While Alasdair and his cousins seek out what is going on, Leo finds himself messed up in the middle of it and learning all about a world he never dreamed of. We do not find all the answers we seek in the book and I was left with my mouth hanging open.

Everyone had their own take on vampires and Ella Frank went with sexual and deadly. This was not a romance story, per se, while there was immense sexual tension and ridiculously hot scenes there was not really a love story. There is a plot playing out and not all of the pieces have been put together. I'm not even sure if we have seen all the pieces yet but there is definitely a bigger picture waiting to unfold and I cannot get my hands on it fast enough.

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