Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jess's Review ~ All The Pretty Lights by Tara Oakes

All The Pretty Lights by Tara Oakes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


What I love about this author is her ability to change things up. This was a sweet, yet spicy contemporary about a movie star and a girl who wants to be a designer.

Daphne is having a terrible day; she flew all the way across the country to be ridiculed and have her dreams smashed. Now she just wants to go home but first she must embarrass herself by running into an innocent bystander only to find out her plane is delayed. While waiting on her plane to arrive she notices a serviceman and decides she wants to do something nice for him, like give him her first class ticket. This one attempt to do something nice begins her journey through all the pretty lights.

You see, the innocent bystander that she ran into was none other than Colton Webb, movie star bad boy. Colt sees this whole incident as an opportunity for some much needed good media attention, so like any good actor he capitalizes on it. What he planned on was a good-deed to make him look like a hero and then perhaps a way to get away from his ex, what he got instead was something completely unexpected.

On a trip of a life-time, Daphne joins Colt on his movie premiere tour and finds out what really goes into what you see on TV. It was one chaotic journey with one just looking to find themselves and the other just looking for publicity. But when you are around someone all the time and there was already a bit of chemistry, life gets a little bit trickier.

"I can't see him well, yet I know I'm staring into his soul. And it's staring back into mine."

I enjoyed these characters immensely; Daphne was a strong character. She didn't take handouts and was not interested in riding anyone's coattails. She wanted to make a name for herself all on her own and while she was shy, because who wouldn't be when thrown to the wolves, she was also unexpected and a breath of fresh air. She was untainted by the limelight and even by the end of the tour she was just an average person. Colton was a fun character, a professed jerk and made some pretty poor choices but a fierce companion and bit of softy at heart. There were also side characters that made the story more interesting; there were some that were entertaining, some you wanted to punch and others that you just wanted to know more about. I am looking forward to what is coming next because I am curious to see what the author dreams up for this one. And finally, because I am used to this particular author's writing, I am ever so grateful for the perfect ending.

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