Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jess's Review ~ Skepticism by L.K. Collins

Skepticism (Life. Destiny. Fate., #4)Skepticism by L.K. Collins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Smokin' hot and surprisingly unexpected.

Liam Brown has been living a life that is not at all what it seems. He used to be someone else. He used to love someone with every fiber of his being. He lost almost everyone that mattered to him and now ten years later something is begging for his attention.

Natalene had it all, until it was taken away. Leaving behind her love and fleeing before anyone found her. She made a quiet new life for herself holding on to hope that one day she would no longer have to run and find her soul mate once again.

Liam decides that he needs to find Natalene and once again become Micah. But his choice does not go over as planned and the people that they have been running from find them and plan to make them pay. And pay dearly for the deeds that tore them apart all those years ago. Never having lost their chemistry to each other, not even after 10 long years, these two are explosive together. But in order to survive they need to use tricks they haven't in some time and are up against a ticking clock.

I never expected the secrets Liam was hiding or the life he lived before he became who he is today. The book kept my focus and interest as we learn about his and Natalene's past and now how they have to maneuver their present to ensure a future. I like that I did not anticipate how they were going to work this problem out.I never imagined the lengths they would go to and that made the book even more interesting. Did I mention that is was smoking hot too...good lord? The two characters have years of pent up frustration to work out, and work it out they do. If you are looking for a super sexy, intriguing read, look no further because this is it.

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