Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jess's Review ~ Trapped with the Alpha by Emily Minton & Julia Keith

Trapped with the AlphaTrapped with the Alpha by Emily Minton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Smoking hot and heart-wrenching.

Isabel has been forced to live by the side of her mate, her love, for eight hundred years, all while he has no memory of her...
Let that sink in for a minute.
She has been forced into her own personal hell with no good explanation. She has had no one to talk to, no one to hear her, nothing to smell, touch, eat or do but follow around Brody no matter where he goes or what he does.

Brody is living a life of self-destruction. As alpha of his pack he is supposed to live by example but that has not been happening. He drinks himself numb, screws himself into oblivion and has no idea what his problem is. He has been alive for over 800 years but he is barely surviving until one fateful night when Isabel literally falls back into his life.

"Instead of living happily by his side, I'm living in hell, with no end in sight."

Being back is harder than being gone and Brody is forced to deal with the pain that Isabel has endured while he knew nothing. While Isabel is in emotional turmoil and doesn't know which end is up. These two are good at two things; fighting and sex. Everything else, they can't seem to figure out, not to mention there is still the mystery as to what happened in the first place.

I LOVE paranormal romance books and this was no exception. I loved learning about the pack and meeting some of the other players. I enjoyed all of the characters, Brody is an alpha in every sense of the word and Isabel is a strong willed heroine who doesn't put up with anything. These two heat up the pages both physically and verbally. Their story broke my heart to have it all, only to lose it and one who remembers and another who doesn't. It was also a unique story which had me from the very beginning. I am definitely looking forward to more of this series.

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