Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jess's Review ~ Wed to the Bad Boy by Kaylee Song

Wed to the Bad BoyWed to the Bad Boy by Kaylee Song
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


He was everything I never thought I wanted, but everything I needed. At least at the moment.

Joanna find herself working to pay off her father's debt. And not this is not just any job, but one where there are rules. She is supposed to just be in the background and unnoticeable. Until she is noticed and unfortunately it is by the worse possible person, Greyson.

The mob boss's son is a player and a killer. He is being groomed to take the thrown and has always done what he has been told to do for the business. He just likes to have his bed warmed on the different women. Then he see her and now he wants her and he is going to get her.

Joanna and Grey has serious chemistry and after one taste neither of them are ready to step away. But because of who they are, their families decide they must be together. Emily landed herself a monster and Grey got coupled with an angel.

I enjoyed this book. Grey wasn't as monster-ish as I thought he would be but it worked. It was nice that at times he felt something because of his actions. Joanna, was a bit of push-over but she did things she thought she didn't have a choice in the matter. While this book was on the darker side of contemporary it was not that dark, it was more dirty than anything else, which is more than fine by me. I did feel that then ending was wrapped up too quickly but I am excited to read more of these mob boys.

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