Monday, February 1, 2016

Jess's Review ~ Black by T.L. Smith

BlackBlack by T.L. Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I'm ready for right now.

When you are young and impressionable and this girl full of bright quirkiness comes crashing into your life, you take notice. You want to wrap her up and keep her just the way she is forever. When that girl is suddenly taken away, all of her brightness goes right along with her.

She was my light and she took it with her that day, stole it and never gave it back.

Now we have Black, as he is now. He's not a nice man, he has no feelings, his world is just like he is, black. He is wounded from things we can't even fathom, he has done things that would kill anyone's spirit and then he finds her...the one...broken, beaten and in worse shape than he ever has been.

People don't love me, they run away from me.

Rose is a train wreck. She is messed up with the wrong kind of people, doing the wrong kind of things, because of the wrong kind of man. She has accepted her fate down the tunnel of despair until he finds her and takes her in. Which is probably the worst thing he could have done. bewitch me. And I can't seem to make it stop. Make it stop...

Rose and Black are an interesting pair. Black knows he is wrong for her, he has secrets that will destroy her. Rose knows Black is not going to be her knight in shining armor but she witnesses sides of him that go deeper than all the blackness he portrays. For a few brief moments these two find something unique and pure, then it all goes to hell.

A taste of what pure bliss would be like, because that's what she is-pure and utter bliss.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was fast and furious, gritty and dark. The chemistry was bittersweet and hot. There is very little down time and it was a book that made me want to shut the world out so I could just read. I was grabbed from the beginning and a little out breath by the end. I'm biting my nails now though waiting for what will happen next.

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