Friday, February 5, 2016

Jess's Review ~ Enshrine by Chelle Bliss

EnshrineEnshrine by Chelle Bliss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This might be my favorite Chelle Bliss book thus far. She had the ability to break my heart and put a smile on my face all at the same time. I can't remember the last time I stopped a book because I was scared but I kept going, with bated breath, until the very end.

Callie is that girl, the one who has her life together. Her dream job, a great apartment, fantastic clothes and an impeccable shoe collection.

"I'm that girl-the one with perfect hair, impeccable makeup, and the outfit every girl wanted."

Until one day her world comes crashing down around her.

As I sit on the kitchen floor, I know I'm not her anymore. Not that it matters."

Her level of pain radiates through the pages. She shuts down and shuts everyone out. She doesn't deal well, at all, but finds some sort of normal in the most unexpected of places. Bruno...

"He's a scary criminal, and you're as pure as the driven snow."

Bruno is a mystery. He is a fury of conflicting traits. He is scary, yet caring. He is dangerous, yet tender. His presence makes people notice and get out of the way, but has the ability to put a smile on your face and make Callie feel safe.

"I've been kissed, probably thousands of times in my life. But there's nothing more devastating than Bruno's mouth on mine."

Callie has been attracted to Bruno for some time, but never has she done anything about it. When he makes his presence in her life known, the attraction builds and heals at the same time. These two are perfect compliments of each other; both stubborn and hard headed.

There is not a lot to say about this book because you just need to read it. The story was so good and a bit different than what you would normally expect from this author. Bruno is one of my favorite new characters, I loved him. It helps when he is all mysterious and brooding and in charge. Callie is a fighter, with a sassy attitude and shoes to match. I probably highlighted half of the book because there is just so much goodness in the pages and quotes worthy of being repeated. I refrained from putting them all or this would have been the longest review of quotes...ever.

Life without the darkness, the sunrise wouldn't be as spectacular.

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