Friday, February 5, 2016

Jess's Review ~ Redeeming Rhys by Mary E. Palmerin

Redeeming RhysRedeeming Rhys by Mary E. Palmerin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Dark, deadly and poetically evil.

"He was a man with few rules, but he always abided by one. Never commit a sin close to another. and certainly never take goodness when the blood of someone else still reeking on his hands."

Rhys, has some serious issues. Issues isn't doesn't even begin to cover all the things that are wrong with him. He had a terrible childhood and only wanted not to be thought of a bad boy, until something changed all that. Something broke him into pieces that never truly mended. Ten years after he left home and her, he feels the need to go back.

"Welcome to the dark side, my fucking life, princess."

Wren has never moved forward, she not got over the troubled boy who let her go. She is trying to find some sort of normal in helping other victims and survivors but even her normal is a jumbled mess. She is finally attempting to go on date but even find that experience lacking and she is so consumed by her past that she can't get anywhere.

"She was letting the devil love her in all the wrong ways, and her conflicted heart enjoyed it with every ounce of its fucked up glory."

This is a fairly gruesome story and not for the faint of heart. It pushed beyond boundaries but dares you to attempt to look away. The story twists were fascinating and I found myself unsure of how I wanted it to end. There are was no sunshine, no bright side, no heart flutters; there was just evil, darkness and messed up feelings. The author tells a story that is evil yet beautifully written, which is why I really struggled with the rating. While I like my stories with a side of messed up, this pushed my dark boundaries beyond anything I have encountered. But I found myself enraptured in the details and at a total loss for words when the story unfolded.

"The bad boy is back and hungry for the pain he prayed to leave."

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