Friday, February 5, 2016

Jess's Review ~ Reign by M.N. Forgy

Reign (Sin City Outlaws, #1)Reign by M.N. Forgy
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This is one of those books that leaves you with your mouth open, staring at the final words, thinking you must be missing something and then you realize you are catching flies, your kindle goes dark and you are not, in fact, missing, the author just rocked your psyche a bit.

This is my first book by Ms. Forgy and will not be my last, in fact I believe I have a series to go back and read. While this can be read as a standalone, I now need to know more about Zeek's brother and what happened to these two.

Zeek is the president of Sin City Outlaws and just as their name suggests, they are outlaws. They do not live on the right side of the law, they own the law. They are ruthless and have no ill feelings about their behavior. Zeek is the biggest and baddest of them all.

"I'm officially a monster. An animal. One my father raised."

Jillian is a rookie deputy sheriff, she is on her last night without supervision when she makes her first encounter of the Sin City Outlaws, to say the experience is eye-opening is an understatement. She is from the right side of the law, she is very black and white. While she has seen her fair share of craziness working in Las Vegas, she is not prepared for what this MC has to in store.

"Zeek is the darkness, one that hides the light, shadowing over the land of Vegas."

When these two meet things happen to both of them that neither are very prepared for. The cop and outlaw, the light and dark, the angel and the demon, are not meant to be. They are doomed at first glance and will only bring blood and death.

He growls into my mouth and I inhale sharply, taking in his breath of danger and sin, filling my world of innocence and justice, with something dark and unholy."

This is not a story of the good-girl taming the bad-boy. This is not a love story with sunshine and rainbows; it a story of raw and gritty passion. Zeek is hiding something behind his beast but he can never take back who he is or change is title. He has been the puppet to a very powerful master and defiance is not in the cards. Jillian just wanted to be a good cop, she has been sheltered for the most part, from the evils of the world and the filthy blackmail that is littered throughout the local law enforcement. This story is not a pretty one and it is not over yet and boy am I ready for more. This series has started off edgy and dark, sexy and dangerous and I cannot wait for more.

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