Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jess's Review ~ Timeless by Brynley Bush

Timeless (Black Brothers Standalone Novella)Timeless by Brynley Bush
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Ariana is looking for a weekend away to explore what she has been missing in her life. She wants something that she can't find in the years since she has been with Marcus. She is a no-nonsense FBI agent who just...

"craves a man who can own it, who can take my senses, my power, and my choice and give me freedom in return...strong enough to possess me, a man I can surrender to, who can take what he wants and in the process, pry the world from my tight grip and set me free to just feel and experience."

That is what this weekend at a BDSM retreat is supposed to do for her. Until she is tied up and her past comes walking in.

Marcus is a former Navy SEAL who is in town investigating a civil case. He happens to live close to the place where this retreat is happening and just happens to receive a call about a new girl who needs to be shown the ropes. Never in his wildest dreams expect to walk in and see Ari. The girl who got away with his heart all those years ago.

"She tastes like a thousand stars...like all the magic and mystery in the world...and I never want to stop kissing her."

And he doesn't, for a snowy weekend while trapped in his cabin. He is going to show Ari the ropes all right, but then set her free just like he did ten years prior.

This was a super fast, super hot read. There was some suspense thrown in to add some excitement (of the other kind). This story flowed fast and furious and I enjoyed every minute of it. I have read the other books in the Black Brothers Trilogy and while not at all necessary, it definitely made the side characters more enjoyable because I know their stories.

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